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AVID Ringer wheel Nuts M4 (Blue)
AVID Ringer wheel Nuts M4 (Blue)AV10097-BLU
AVID Ringer wheel Nuts M4 (Blue)AV10097-BLU
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AVID Ringer wheel Nuts M4 (Blue)

AVID Ringer wheel Nuts M4 (Blue)

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The Avid M4 Ringer Wheel Nuts are designed to be the strongest all-around wheel nut for offroad and touring car racing. The 11mm flange provides the needed support from potential wheel flex on high bite tracks. A thin 3.5mm thickness keeps weight down but also allows the nut to be used on 4wd fronts and if you cut your axles to length you will grab fewer pipes with them too. Then we added our *aggressive serrations so you don't have to tighten the wheel nut as much which helps in not deforming the wheel and ensures you will never pull the 7075-T6 threads out. And last but not least, the two silver highlights don't get lost on a white wheel giving you that extra pop.


  • * Since 2017, our proven serration design is best used by turning the nut to where it begins to tighten up on the wheel and then just give it two haptic clicks. We recommend trying it on the bench and unscrewing it after you do it so feel how much hold our nut actually has. No more need to deform your wheel or risk of pulling your threads out by overtightening.


  • Made from 7075-T6.
  • 11mm flange to support wheel flex on high bite tracks.
  • Thin design at 3.5mm thick so they can also be used on 4wd fronts.
  • Aggressive serrations to ensure you never pull your threads or deform your wheel.
  • Customizable with ultrafine paint pens (Posca PC-1MR recommended).
  • Fits all modern 10th scale vehicles in offroad and onroad (AE, TLR, HB, KYO, XRAY, YOK) (M4x0.7)
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