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Red1RC Configurable Tool Stand (MIP) Black
Red1RC Configurable Tool Stand (MIP) Blackrd1-0023-MI-B
Red1RC Configurable Tool Stand (MIP) Blackrd1-0023-MI-B
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Red1RC Configurable Tool Stand (MIP) Black

Red1RC Configurable Tool Stand (MIP) Black

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For racers that are looking to de-clutter their pit-table and uses one or multiple brand tools, this fully configurable tool stand will hold all your tools. Tool stand has a plastic sheet w/ carbon fiber finish parts tray for a rugged and quality feel. With our multiple Red1RC re-sizer sleeves, our stand can be configured to handle any tool handle diameter of 22.3mm or smaller. 

Configuration Options:
Stand will have a starting configuration of 11 x 22.50mm (Large) holes which will fit the MIP large handle tools, depending on the option selected below, additional sleeves will be included. 

      - MIP - Stand will have 5x 19.5mm sleeves pre-installed (for the MIP small handle)
      - Protek (w/ holes) - Stand will have 11x 20.50mm sleeves pre-installed 
      - MuchMore - Stand will have 11x 20.50mm sleeves pre-installed
Hudy - Stand will have 11x 18mm sleeves pre-installed
Serpent - Stand will have 11x 18.5mm sleeves pre-installed
      - Build your own - It will not come with any sleeves. This will give you the most flexibility, so you can configure what works for you best. Sleeves can be purchased here.

Due to the way MIP handles are made, handle diameters have .5 to 1.5mm variations per batch even if it's the same tool size. We have configured our tool stand to fit all MIP handles so some MIP tools might be a bit loose with our stand. This does not affect the stand function and is perfectly normal.

Reconfiguration Instruction - Click here 

Bare tool-stand is built with:
      - 11 x 22.5 mm holes (Fits all MIP large handles)
      - 2 x 12.8 mm holes (Fits MIP wrenches)
      - 6 x 7 mm holes for power bits
      - Plastic sheet w/ carbon fiber finish parts tray
      - Rubber feet to provide stability 
      - Product dimension = 7 x 4 x 1 inches
         ** Your tool handle should be at least .2mm smaller than actual hole measurement to have a smooth insertion / removal ** 

These will come in Black and Space Grey. It will be offered pre-configured for MIP, Protek (w/holes), Hudy, and Muchmore tools.

If purchasing for other brand tools, measure the largest outer diameter of your tool handle and verify dimensions before purchasing. The top part of these stands are made of PETG plastic which are durable and has high impact resistance.  


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